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Format: Paperback

Pages: 40 (inc. cover)

Size: 186mm (H) x 200mm (W)

Weight: 145gm

ISBN: 978-0-9564515-1-4



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lamb pulling another lamb on a skateboard

Spring Lambs


Author: Martin Kenny

Illustrator: Martin Kenny


Published by: -

Suitable age group: 7 - 10 yrs




Price: £5.00

(plus Postage and Packaging)



Book summary


Sheep, pigs, kangaroos, frogs, smashed eggs and a talent show, ... need we go on?


'Spring Lambs' is the second in the Knitmore Farm Series. It is seen as the follow on from 'The Woolly Jumper' story.  Funny from the outset it features one particular lamb whose ambition gets the better of him. He wants to be the greatest at any cost. Although his clever use of bed springs gave him the upper hand in the talent competition, he quickly upsets his family and friends with his selfish pride. Even the pigs don't want to play!


A hen house disaster was the final straw before a hard lesson was learned. After mending his ways he becomes the number one friend and helper on the farm.


Bright and colorful images with simple wording make this suitable for any young reader - boy or girl.


This story ends with a brief single page Christian message regarding pride.

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