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If you have a query concerning ordering online, or if you are looking for contact details and information about Redgreen Publishing, please take a look at our frequently asked questions.











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Frequently asked questions



Q. How do I order online?

A. The online buying facility should be up and running early November 2011.



Q. How can I contact Redgreen Publishing?

A. The preferred way to contact us would be to send an email to



Q. How can I get my book published by Redgreen Publishing?

A. At this present time we are not seeking to publish any new books.



Q. Is it possible to meet the author / illustrator Martin Kenny in person?

A. Time and work commitments does not always permit this but requests can to be made by emailing with your details.



Q. Does the illustrator offer cartooning workshops / school visits?

A. Martin Kenny will endeavour to sign books and visit schools, youth groups, uniformed organisations etc. if and when time permits A small charge will be made for this service.



Q. Do you have audio versions of the books for the visually impared?

A. Not at present but if there is enough demand we will consider this option.



Q. Do you have Powerpoint / OHP versions of the books?

A. We made a Powerpoint version of the Woolly Jumper Story (costing £5) but until we get a significant amount of requests we do not anticipate doing this for the other books.



Q. Do you offer work experience?

A. We do not offer work experience or work shadowing opportunities for school pupils or students at this point in time.



Q. I see your books for sale in other places such as market stalls, Ebay and Gumtree and they are a different price than on your website and bookshops - why is that?

A. We only sell new books through local bookshops and on the Redgreen website. Sometimes approved agents will sell these new books on our behalf - they will have identification - if in doubt contact us and we can verify if they are officially working on
our behalf.



Q. Jobs - are there any job opportunities?

A. We do not have any vacancies or plan to advertise for any new staff at the moment.



Q. Photocopying the books - am I allowed to do this?

A. The copyright law does not allow you to make copies of the book except where stated otherwise as in the case of The Teachers Resources Packs. If you need more than three books contact us by email - we can offer you good rates.



Q. Do you have these books in any other language?

A. At present the answer is no but we are considering offering French or Polish versions if there is enough requests to make it feasible to print them.