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The Woolly Jumper


Spring Lambs


No-one likes a fox!








Book title:

The Woolly Jumper


woolly jumper cover


This is a little gem of a book. Really funny with gorgeous pictures of skateboarding sheep. Just hits the spot with the under 7s and parents really enjoy the humour too.


All round winner with great message about all being special.

I loved it!

Susan Baird, Belfast



This book definitely caught my eye, with the funny sheep on the front and cartoon characters on the farm throughout the book which made it fun to look at and made you want to read more.


The story was based on one funny lamb who got a bit too big for his own good resulting in him changing his ways for the better.


Liked the practical explanation with bible verse reference, which all ages can understand. Can't wait to read next book 'Spring Lambs'.

Rebecca, Donaghadee



I bought a copy of "The woolly jumper" in Faith Mission in Belfast today and really loved it.


I'm a teacher in a small rural primary school in Islandmagee and hope to use your book for an assembly. I also hope to use it with my Sunday School class.

Ruth, Islandmagee



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Book title:

Spring Lambs


spring lambs cover



I live in France and was looking for a children's book online to read with my 2 year old daughter who is learning to speak.

She usually loves any story with animals in it, which is why I decided to buy this book.


Now she gets excited when she knows that we're going to read the Spring Lambs together. Instant hit!


Lovely story and delightful artwork.


ps. The "Sneezing sheep" page is a favourite. "ACHOO!".

Gareth, Paris



I love this book because there are so many amazing colours and great characters and it's set on verses in the bible, but this story breaks the verses down for younger children that might not understand them, as well as the bigger ones.


It is good that the younger children are learning about God at their age but in different ways like stories etc. Highly recommend!

Rachael, age 11, Belfast



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Book title:

No-one likes a fox!


no one likes a fox cover


I finally got my hands on the latest series from Knitmore Farm.

I must say a enjoyed reading the other books to my children but this one for me is the best yet. Not only is it a great read but the message of loving our enemies rings through in a fun and relevant way. I recommend this book not only to parents but to school teachers and all involved in children's work.


Thank you Marty for once again sharing your creative skills with us; we are in your debt.

Mitch, Crown Jesus Ministries.



I really love the illustrations and the way the hen cared for the other animals and helped the poor cub. It's good that in the end they all shared in getting him better. I would highly recommend this book to others!

Chantelle, age 12, Belfast



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