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Find out all you need to know about Redgreen Publishing
and its principal multi-talented driving force; writer, illustrator and deadpan humorist,
Martin Kenny.





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About us


Redgreen Publishing is an independent Publisher based in Belfast, Northern Ireland.


Our books are written and illustrated by Martin Kenny of Martin Kenny Design
and Illustration


Through the use of inoffensive humour, bright modern imagery and the promotion of good moral standards, readers will enjoy our books every bit as much as listeners.




Submissions from authors

Unfortunately, due to the large number of submissions we receive by email and post, we are no longer able to consider unsolicited manuscripts. Any unsolicited manuscripts submitted to us will, regretfully, be returned unread. Please note that we are unable to return manuscripts if an SAE has not been enclosed.


Submissions from Illustrators

At this point in time we are not seeking to commission freelance artists / illustrators for our books. In light of this please do not send any original work or samples by email or post.


Work experience

We do not offer work experience or work shadowing opportunities for school pupils or students at this point in time.


Check out our FAQ page for more.






About Martin Kenny


Born in Belfast, 1965. I was accepted as a direct entry student at the University of Ulster where I graduated in 1990 with a BA (Hons) in Design. In the last year of studies I specialised in information design and illustration. My love of cartooning and animation has been developed over the years at work and as a hobby.


I have worked as a designer / illustrator / cartoonist for printing companies as well as providing artwork for many church denominations - mostly in the form of visual aids, posters and leaflet design.


The name Redgreen Publishing was chosen because I am red green colourblind (this has made my career as a designer more than a challenge at times) so I thought it might be fun to make reference to it.


I love cycling, playing my Washburn acoustic guitar, working in our garden, painting on location and taking photos while out on walks.


Along with my wife, I have been a weekend respite Foster carer most of my married life.

I believe, trust in, follow and live for, the God of the Bible and would encourage you to do the same.